Elite Packages Policy

  1. This Policy Provides Guidance For Members Of Future Employment, Which Should Be Broadly Understood And Permit Users To Share Information With Others In A Contemporaneous Manner.
  2.  Employees Need To Know And Adhere To The [Company’s Code Of Conduct, Members Task And Other Company Policies] When Using Social Media In Reference To Company.
  3.  The Company Clearly States That Using Inappropriate Behavior, Misbehaving With The Team Or Any Other Activity That Violates The Company’s Code Of Conduct, May Subject A Member To Disciplinary Action By Not Assigning Any Task Or Even Cancelling Registration.
  4.  If Members Encounter A Situation While Carrying Promotion Using Social Media That Threatens So Members Should Disengage From The Dialogue In A Polite Manner And Seek The Advice Of A Supervisor Or Should Refer These Inquiries To Authorized Company’s Spokespersons.
  5.  The Company Provides You Certain Task Which You Need To Complete It All, But Subject To The Mini Task Is Compulsion In Any Of The Case.
  6.  With Reference To Company Policy, If You Complete 40% Of The MiniTasks, The Company Will Pay You 40% Of The Package Salary.
  7.  Following Requirement To The Code And Company Policy, If You Accomplish 60% Of The Mini Task, The Company Will Pay You Half Of The Total Amount.
  8.  Payment Is Contingent On The Completion Of Your Mini Task As Assigned According To Your Package Chosen. You Must Manage The Online Task In Order To Get You Full Salary.
  9.  The Company Believes In The Accomplishment Of The Task. So If Any Member Could Not Complete It, The Company Shall Reduce Your Pay.
  10. The Company Shall Not Pay If The Member Could Not Complete Even 40% Of The Mini Task Or Reimburse Your Registration Fees.
  11. When The Member Is Able To Finish Task, Simply Submit Us MS File On Gmail, As Well As Other Task Evidence In Support On The Mentioned Whatsapp.
  12. Following Review Of The First Task, Then Only The Member Will Be Allotted A Second Task By Finalizing The First Task
  13. If The Member Could Not Meet The Company’s Requirements, The Company Shall Not Allocate You Any Additional Tasks.
  14. Employees Should Get Appropriate Permission Before You Joining Our Team As A Result Of A Referral, Please Consult With Our Team Before Beginning Your Work.
  15. Check Out Our Instagram And Website Before Starting With Us; Otherwise, We Would Not Be Held Liable For Any Misinformation.
  16. With Reference To The First Task Salary, It Will Be $60, $80, Or $100. It Would Be Determined By Your Package. Further Salary For Task 2 Will Differ Accordingly As It Would Be Entirely Reliant On The Task. After Scrutinizing Our Company’s Policies,
  17. After Registering, You Are Not Authorized To Change Your Reference; Otherwise, Your Registration Will Be Rejected. As A Result, You Have Agreed To Our Rules And Policies.
    You Can Now Pay Your Registration Fee.
    Everything Is Contingent On Your Efforts.