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The Internet has a major impact on the way we do things. Most of the work that is used to be done ‘offline’ can now be done online, hence the term online work. One of work that caught my interest is online tutoring. As soon as I have read about it, I already saw myself doing online tutoring. Image of my past as a tutor flashed through my mind. For me, it was a very fulfilling job and one of the things I enjoyed doing. I always feel proud whenever I saw my student succeed in the exams we prepared for, especially when they expressed their appreciation for it. For any kind of job you can visit on Online jobs in Lahore .

Teaching job

I can use to be an officer of our school’s Mechanical Engineering Association. As a large percentage of the students were struggling with major subjects, we felt the need for tutoring and I was invited by my fellow officers to teach. We met informally at certain places or in their own homes. If the internet had been widespread by then, we might have taught online.

Save time

Online tutoring has similar benefits to other online jobs. There is no time wasted travelling from home to work and vice versa, there are other activities associated with it; dressing up and eating breakfast because you can eat while you work. For stay-at-home parents, they can start working while supervising their small children. You can easily move from one student to another, even if they are miles apart; it is even possible to teach two students at the same time. You can endure long hours; in any case, you are in the comfort of your own home.

Online teaching method

You can take his frequent mini-breaks to maintain long hours. Teaching can be done by messenger. Short quizzes can be completed by email and returned after checking. Certain tool such as virtual chalkboards are available on internet. Video cameras can be used to guide video-based instruction.  Interested parties can apply for positions with certain companies that offer online tutoring. Set up your own website where you can teach. Certificates are available for those who work for the company. Certain levels of education are required and sometimes a school background is necessary.

Arrange mock courses to test you, with their staff pretending to be students or possibly real students, while their staff observe you. Often, you are required to undergo training and have a probationary period. Choose from the variety of academic subjects available. Tutors must be needed for most kinds of school subjects. Initially, choose a subject that you feel comfortable in teaching. Gradually master other subjects, because if you are in this profession to make money, you will obviously make more if you can teach more.


My favorite is tutorials, where the students are definitely more cooperative and eager to learn because they are the ones who came to you and hired you in the first place. If teaching is your passion and than you like the benefits of working online then go for it and decide to become an online tutor science article, the success of many students around the world depends on you. Working online has recently become a phenomenon. It offers many distinct advantages over the typical desk job, which is why many people choose the former as their method of employment and generating a regular income.

But are online jobs really better than most desk jobs? Or is it all just hype?

Finding an online job

There are thousands of online jobs available nowadays; however, the competition for these jobs is quite fierce, so you need to be aware of the opportunities when they arise so that you can take advantage of them. The fact is that you can pursue a wide range of careers on the Internet that suit your own skills. And, as more and more companies open up their services on the Internet, there will be even more job opportunities available.

Common online jobs

One thing that sets online jobs apart from typical desk jobs is the diversity in terms of options. That explains why it is so possible for you to take more than one job at a time, as long as you fit the specific skill set required for the job.

Some of the most common online jobs you can take include.

– Telemarketing

– Writing

– Customer service

– Sales

– Tutor

– Transcription

– Virtual Assistants

– Recruitment services

– Scheduling, and much more.

Online versus desktop work

Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by choosing to work online rather than at your desktop.

– with the help of the tools of the Internet, you can enjoy maximum flexibility in your online work.

– You can work on several online jobs at the same time to increase your earning potential.

– You can also control of your working hours and schedule so that you can work when you want to and enjoy a disciplined life.

– There’s no need to worry about getting up early to get ready and getting to work on time.

Finding an online job is so easy and can prove to be really more beneficial than a desk job in the long run.


If you are really know what you can do, working from home online may be the right choice for anyone who wants to spend more time at home. Not only do these jobs provide you with comfort of home, but they also help you beat the recession. Work at home jobs are becoming more and more popular and have been attracting many people because you have the freedom to earn as much money as you want. There are many scams popping up on the Internet every day saying you can make 10,000 to 50,000 rupees a month, and yes, they are all “scams”.

I too have desperately searched for work from home online opportunities, but they all seem to be absolute scams. With all these scams it was hard to find work, but now everything has changed for the better and now I earn a reasonable amount of money.. With the glamour of the internet, there are thousands of legitimate work at home jobs for you to choose from. But it is up to you to find the right job for you. There is a large number of online jobs such as online data entry jobs, freelance writing jobs, affiliate marketing, resume writing jobs, typing jobs, making money while blogging, web design, virtual assistant jobs, review writing, programming, and the list goes on and on.

Requirement for online job

Well, to get started, all you need a computer and high-speed Internet connection, and of course, you need to have basic computer knowledge and a passion for your work. No matter who you are, no matter how old you are, no matter where you are from, working from home is for you and you need to be passionate and sincere about your work. If you want to work from home, it is not difficult to find a job for you, as long as you do your best to find the right choice that suits your passion and qualifications.

Online tutor jobs

Online tutor jobs require good educational qualifications, as well as computer and internet access. If you have knowledge and qualifications in subjects such as math, physics, chemistry or other languages, you can register with any company that offers online tutoring jobs and earn a reasonable income.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is one of the best work from home online job that offers excellent job opportunities, although it requires some special training. These jobs require the skills to transcribe medical records for clients. In addition to listening skills, basic computer knowledge and the good typing speed are really necessary.

Data Entry Jobs

Data entry job and freelance writing job are among the common online jobs. It also required a good typing speed, but it is less stressful than other jobs. If you have enough English vocabulary, you can also try freelance writing jobs. You can also write articles for more topics depending on the client’s requirement, or stick to one area of expertise.

If you happen to have knowledge in web design, then try your luck in the same field. It may not be so easy to win a bid because there will be many designers like you bidding. Therefore, you first need to build a more convincing and attractive profile to compete with others.

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