Online Jobs In Pakistan – Are They Better Than Desk Jobs?

Is work from home jobs better than desk jobs or is it just hype? The new phenomenon of online jobs and lists some popular online jobs. It also highlights some major benefits offered by online jobs in Pakistan.

Online jobs have become quite a phenomenon lately. It offers a lot of distinct advantages over typical desk jobs, which is why many have opted for the former as their method of employment and producing regular income. But is online job actually better than most desk jobs? Or is it all just hype?

Finding Online Jobs in Pakistan

There are literally hundreds of online jobs up for grabs nowadays; however, the competition for them is quite intense such that you need to recognize the opportunities when they arise so you can take advantage of it.

Indeed, there are a wide range of professions that you can engage in on the internet that suits your own skills. And as more companies open up services on the internet, the more job opportunities that will be available.

Common Online Jobs

One thing that sets online jobs apart from typical desk jobs is the amount of variety in terms of options. This explains why it is possible for you to take more than one job at a time, provided that you meet the specific skill sets required for the job.

Some of the most common online jobs that you can take up include:

Customer service
Sales Tutor
Virtual assistant
Recruiting services
Scheduling, among others.

Online vs. Desk Jobs

Here are some of the benefits that you can enjoy by choosing online jobs over desk jobs:

You can enjoy maximum flexibility with an online job by utilizing the tools of the internet. Can perform multiple online jobs at once to increase income potential. Have control over your working hours and schedule, such that you can work when you want to and enjoy a regular lifestyle.

No need to worry about waking up early to get ready and arrive to work on time.

Looking for an online job is easy and can prove really more beneficial over desk jobs in the long run.

Problems Getting Online Jobs in Pakistan and How to Avoid Them

One of the main problems with getting a legitimate online job is Google. Here’s the shocking statement I made. I just did a Google search for “online jobs” and the results include: blogs that provide information on work from home opportunities. Several sites with several companies offering legitimate online jobs (but low-paying ones). Future Employment working and offers authentic jobs here.

I am looking for a way to work and make money online; not a work from home opportunity or a home based business. Not that there is anything wrong with a legitimate work from home opportunity or a legitimate home based business. I want to trade my time for a guaranteed paycheck to create an income I can depend on every week.

Clicking on the link, I saw a “Search Quality Administrator – Entry Level” job listing, a “Customer Service Representative” job listing, and an “Online Sales Representative” job listing in the ads section (the first three listings). I saw one job listing for “Online Ad Processor Needing Help” under the advertised job listing. The rest of the listings I saw were not related to online jobs.

Future employment

Future Employment offers some relative job listings that appear to be actual online jobs, but I need to read the title and information of the listing carefully to determine if it is an online job or a job that contains the word “online” such as “Senior Manager, Online Marketing” and “Advertising Sales Representative (Online Media)”. Neither of these job listings are actually online jobs, but rather jobs that require activity in the online arena. Both job listings required the employee to come to an office location, work a full day, and then leave the office. Not the online opportunity I was seeking.

Many of the work from home opportunities in the search results included stuffing envelopes, and product assembly. Some of the opportunities in the search results included online reselling through eBay, which is actually a home-based business and not an online job, affiliate blogging, which is actually a home-based business and not an online job, and beauty product sales, which is actually a home-based business and not an online job.

Most of the legitimate listings I found in the results set included low-paying, customer service type online jobs. There was nothing that I could rely on to maintain my standard of living.

In my experience, Google searches have a lot of irrelevant results. The time wasted on weeding out the illegitimate, low-paying jobs could have been spent applying for legitimate, high-paying online jobs.


Another major problem is the large number of scams that exist. These scams are not only a waste of time, but they can cost you a lot of money. Many of them require you to provide bank or credit card information and proceed to deduct funds. Some scams can completely deplete your bank account.

Many scams originate outside the Pakistan. Federal officials have identified many scams.

Some scams are directly related to online job opportunities. Other scams are indirectly related to online jobs and/or work-from-home opportunities.

Populating employer databases

Another major problem is the number of employers who rely on job postings to maintain their resource pools or online staffing databases. Many companies post job openings online for the purpose of populating their “supply” database. The reason for this is that if a company decides to increase the number of online jobs, the employer needs to demonstrate its ability to provide the right employees to its stakeholders.

Many employers are considering migrating from traditional jobs to online jobs to reduce overhead. A database full of potential candidates gives employers a sense of security and allows them to make the decision to replace traditional jobs with online jobs.

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